At 32 weeks, our son’s just about ready to show himself

Today is an awesome day. Yes, Sarah is now 32 weeks pregnant. That means that Chester Justin Jr. Wallace Cleveland our son is now fully developed. Yep, he’s now just baking in there, getting bigger and bigger until he’s ready to head for the light. We’re really excited and so happy to be at this point.

Tonight, we have our first lamaze class. That should be interesting — or at least I hope so. I thought I’d be done with classes when I earned my master’s degree a few years ago, but that wasn’t the case.

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8 thoughts on “At 32 weeks, our son’s just about ready to show himself

  1. Advice — not because you asked — pay attention! Study! Practice that breathing, man, because it will save your life. (Sarah, in particular, of course). I’m telling you — you’re going to feel stupid but it is the KEY.

  2. We didn’t get into the breathing tonight, but I personally felt pretty stupid watching an extremely graphic (and sweaty) birthing video during the class. It was like being in sex-ed class all over again, though had I seen this it may have increased the celibacy rate at my school!

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